Let's try a little tenderness

Lately I have been observing myself. I noticed that very often I am way too hard on myself. It seems like my mind has been trained to be very judgmental. A lot of times I have an exact idea of how things need to be. And if I can't seem to meet those self created expectations, I am disappointed with myself. Why are we humans so quick to judging ourselves and others? The need to be perfect and to do everything the right way is so exhausting. We need a break. I know I do. So I decided to be nicer to myself. Yesterday I did something I usually never do: I took a bath. Normally I take showers because it takes less time than bathing but I knew that I needed to relax. I wanted to stop worrying about wasting my time. How can looking after me be a waste of time? That night I slept like a baby. I know now that being gentle to oneself must be practiced every single day.  

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