Flying with the dragons

Ever since I started meditating again, my dreams have been super clear and I have had several lucid dreams again. Have you ever had a dream about something beautiful and exciting yet strange at the same time, simply because you are not used to that kind of atmosphere? Has it ever happened to you, that you get so excited, that you unwillingly woke yourself up from a lucid dream? I've had this kind of problem very often. For example: I often dream of dragons. It is beautiful but also kind of strange when a snake like giant is flying around. When the dragon came too close, I would get scared and wake up. But not anymore! I found a way to stay in the dream: Deep breathing. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about a dragon again. It flew towards me but this time I stood still. I took several deep breaths and I told myself something like: Just because this creature looks different from anything I see in a regular basis, doesn't mean I have to be afraid of it. Accept it.


Almost immediately I was sitting on the dragon, and we were flying towards the dusk. It was one of the best lucid dreams I've ever had. The feeling of lightness was insane.


So now I know, whenever I experience something new in a dream, something I have never seen before, all I gotta do is breathe.  

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