Home is where the heart is

Lately I have been thinking about different moments in my childhood. I suddenly started to remember the different foods I liked to eat, the sweets I loved to snack on or the movies and cartoons I loved to watch with my siblings. These memories make me so happy. So I've spent the last week with cooking the meals I loved to eat as a child. I was and I still am watching several shows and cartoons which remind me of the good old times, while eating chocolate and all kind of sweets. It's like the younger me came forth. This kind of energy feels so good. It's as if I've finally come home.


I used to have dreams in which I am standing at the bus stop. I'm waiting for the bus to bring me home from wherever I have been. I always feel lost and uncomfortable while waiting. The bus does come. Always. But it never drives me to the place I actually want to be. I'm never actually home.



I've been working on my heart chakra, which has a lot to do with healing the inner wounded child. That's definitely the reason why I have felt the strong urge to reconnect to my younger self. I think, once I have come to terms with my childhood traumas and start to forgive myself and others, I can finally be truly thankful for everything that actually was good in my childhood. Then I can once and for all get rid of all kind of judgmental behavior towards myself and others. Then I can forgive myself for all my flaws and love myself for everything that I am. What I'm striving for is feeling good in my own skin and finally arrive at my inner home. I can't wait for this to happen.

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