I was working on a painting a couple of days ago. It is the last piece of art for my collection “Brave is the heart”. The painting is called “Victorious” and it means a great deal to me because it represents the victory over the many physical, emotional and spiritual issues/problems that I have been dealing with for the last couple of years. So I put a lot of work in it. Everything went well but then I started to make mistakes. I wasn't able to color my artwork the way I wanted to. In my mind I screwed up the entire piece. I was so mad at myself because the sketch looked so amazing, but I was so unhappy with the end result. I cried for like half an hour and the negative self talk was not helping. The next day I was still mad, but especially very ashamed of myself. “I have been painting like this for at least a year now, how could I screw this up?” That's what I kept asking myself.


It took me a while to let go of all this negativity but I succeeded. The heart chakra meditation worked wonders and now that I have overcome this judgmental voice in my head, I can actually look at my painting and say: You don't look the way I had imagined you in the very beginning but I appreciate you for everything you are now.



I think as an artist I instantly build a connection to my artworks. It's like they are a part of me. They are my babies. Each of them. I realized that as soon as I stopped judging the character in my painting, I automatically stopped judging myself and I think that's pretty amazing.  

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