To live and let live

I learned something today.

It is very important to let other people make their own mistakes or their own experiences in life, even though I just want to be helpful, even though I just want to prevent that other person from feeling regret.

I am human myself, I make mistakes so what makes me think that it is my duty to keep others from experience their own life lessons? And I am not all-knowing. What if my opinion keeps that other being from actually experiencing a stroke of luck?

I don't want to be responsible for that, and I don't have to be held responsible for that!


I was raised to be responsible for myself and others. And through self created rules I somehow managed to take it to a point where I felt like everything anyone else is doing, has somehow also something to do with me. It often felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. But again, these are self created burdens, and I am so ready to let that go. I want to keep being that empathetic person that I am, but I don't need to always feel responsible for other peoples pain.  

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