Not childish but childlike

Lately I have been pressuring myself into creating artwork as fast as possible and totally forgot to enjoy the process.


Once that happens I think about my past self. That 4 or 5 year old girl that took a pencil in her hand for the first time. I think about the moment when I first decided to draw something simply for the pure joy of it. There was no pressure to create as many artworks as possible. No pressure to immediately improve myself. I was simply drawing for the sake of drawing. There was nothing to gain except the joy of creating.


It is my personal belief that if we decide to pursue an activity that we enjoyed as kid, or just generally something that fills our hearts with joy, the most important thing to remember is to try to be pure of heart when doing it. To always remember why we did it in the first place. Long before material gain was in our heads. Don't get me wrong. Material gain is important and fun to achieve. But when we get to a point when we feel more drained than fullfilled, we must shift our awareness to what is really important.


That feeling you get when doing what you really enjoy doing. Like a kid. Once I remember that, the joy comes back and the pressure shrinks. :)

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