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I created a platform on Patreon because of 2 main reasons:

1: Creating videos and talking about anything related to mental health, self-development and spiritual growth is like therapy to me. Expressing myself through art and poetry helps me to internalize anything that I need to know in order to heal.

2: I realized that we all have a story to tell and that every single story deserves to be expressed to the outside world because only by doing that, we can inspire each other and help each other. And this is why I am here.

I am here to tell my story so that you find the courage to tell yours. This is a platform for communication  and inspiration.  

What I want you to know about me:

For most of my life I have been struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety and self-harm. When I developed a chronic pain disorder in my early 20ies, I decided that I need to look deeper in order to find healing and finally feel good about myself and my life.
I have always been interested in doing research on mental health, but recently I have made tremendous improvements and I want to share anything that could be of help

Being creative has always been an essential factor in my life. Painting and writing are things that just come natural to me. Also, my deep interest in spiritual practices is something that helped me a lot along the way to find healing.

But I know that this is a journey. There is still a lot of healing that can be done. And the fact that I can share this journey actually inspires me and gives me the strength to keep going. Because we all know that there are good days but also bad days and I want to be here for all of those days.

So I just want to say thank you to anyone who decides to be part of this.

Additional Projects/Products:

These are additional projects/products that I’m working on right now. By becoming a member you will get a discount off my products ranging from 10 to 20% as soon as I make them available for you. 

-Poetry Book. (Including my own poems and illustrations)
-Blank Diaries with my illustration/art as coverage.
-Motivational Cards with my illustrations and inspiring words created by me.

How Patreon works:

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