E-Mail: connectwithme@merveilletheartist.com

My name is Natascha Bawota Merveille B. and I'm a self-taught artist located in Vienna/Austria.


When I think about art, the first thing I remember is, that from a very young age I loved to walk around with pencil and paper to create something that interested, fascinated or inspired me in any way. Before I could read and write there was art.


I love the proverb "A picture says more than a thousand words". I am aware of the fact that every picture that is perceived by a person influences them emotionally. This happens on a conscious as well as on an unconscious level. 


I primarily paint to cope with trauma that is hidden in my subconscious. 


I paint to heal myself on an emotional level by creating images that focus on scenes that make me feel that there is more to discover in this world than our two eyes can see.


I'm destined to express light through my creative work.