E-Mail: connectwithme@merveilletheartist.com

My name is Natascha Bawota Merveille Bope and I'm a self-taught artist located in Vienna/Austria. When I think about art, the first thing I remember is that I preferred to walk around with pencil and paper in kindergarten to create something that interested, fascinated or inspired me in any way. Before I could read and write there was art.



The images that I create refer to insights that promote my personal human development. Mental and emotional transformation plays an important role in this.


I love the proverb "A picture says more than a thousand words". I am aware of the fact that every picture that is perceived by a person influences them emotionally. This happens on a conscious as well as on an unconscious level. Depending on the intention with which a new work is created, there is the potential to highlight a positive or negative feeling.


I primarily paint to cope with trauma that is hidden in my subconscious. The moment I realized that I was blessed with a passion that has a positive effect on me and on many people around me, an immense gratitude permeated me because I realized that I can create new worlds with art. 


I paint to heal myself on an emotional level by creating images that focus on scenes that make me feel that there is more to discover in this world than our eyes, which are bound to the physical world, can recognize.


Many impressions appeared to me in the dream world before I put them on paper. I remember dreams that seemed absolutely real, so during these sleep phases I was convinced that they would correspond to reality.


Every worldly achievement was primarily an idea, a vision, or a dream before it came into existence. My intention is to inspire people with my art and to keep alive the memory that positive transformation is possible and can become a reality.